Anyidoho urges church leaders to speak out on bad governance

Anyidoho urges church leaders to speak out on bad governanceFounder of Atta Mills Institute Samuel Koku Sitsofe Anyidoho

Former Head of Communication at the Presidency, and founder of Atta Mills Institute Samuel Koku Sitsofe Anyidoho has charged the Church to speak out on bad governance and ills in society.

He said the Church is the voice of conscience and authority of God on earth therefore must speak out to influence the country with the principles and righteousness of God.

According to him, the Akufo-Addo-led government has messed up the economy leading to hardship.

Koku Anyidoho said this when addressing the 10th Eastern Presbytery Synod 2023 of the Global Evangelical Church of Ghana at Amenuveve Congregation in Koforidua.

Speaking on the theme for the program “Revive Us Again O Lord! Heal and Restore Us”, Koku Anyidoho said the revival of the church must lead to the revival of the country.

“The theme was about revival and then healing and restoration. It is not only about the church, it is also about healing the nation, and like I said in my speech, if we don’t believe in the true God, if we don’t have priests if we don’t have laws the nation will be in distress and I think basically that is what the church is about that the church needs to speak in a moment like this when we are in distress,” he said

Mr. Anyidoho added “the first word in the anthem is God and the last word in the pledge is ‘so help me God’ so the God factor in the anthem and the pledge is not things that we can toil around with. so as a believer and a church member, I think that once the EP church is talking about revival in the church that revival must translate into a revival in the nation”.

Mr.Anyidoho stated for instance that, the church must be relentless in its fight against homosexuality.

” The nation needs revival because we are in challenging times all this LBGTQ kind of things that people want to introduce into the system if the church is not revived to wake up and speak for the land to be healed them we will be in trouble and so we must speak we must condemn it we must not allow it those who want to introduce it must be stopped”

“That’s why the anthem says we should resist oppressors' rule with all our will and might forevermore and not for a short while and so these words are powerful, this time the oppression is not coming in the form of ships to come and take slaves away the oppression is coming through legislation. So LGBTQ is introduced into the schools and your children go and come they are asking questions you cannot answer so suddenly you the parent you are confused so they are messing up society because those societies are messed up and they're sick. Somebody takes a gun, walks into a school or a shopping mall killing people every day because we are in a sick society and we must speak to revive this nation."

Mr. Koku Anyidoho who has successfully completed masters program in Ministry at the Trinity Theological Seminary to do the work of God alongside politics said,
Jesus Christ himself was a politician therefore notion that men of God should not take part in politics is untenable.

“Let them hear it loud and clear that I went to Trinity purposely because of politics to use the word of God to enhance my political career so we are now going to do the politics very well using scripture. I will speak the word of God not because I am an ordained minister but because I know the word of God so face two of Koku Anyidoho is coming and Ghana politics is going to be interesting, we live only once after that there is judgement so I want to be judged by God according to his principles and not principles of men,” he said.

The Eastern Presbytery Retired Synod Moderator of Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana Rev. CSP George Akuamoah Boateng explained the goal of this year’s 10th Eastern Presbytery Synod and said the church is targeting to break the chain of language barrier in propagating God’s message to the indigenous people and ask God to restore it members financials, spiritually, psychologically and physically.

Rev. CSP George Akuamoah Boateng Retired further revealed the church wants to change the status quo of only Ewe language communication to ethnic diversity.

Also, the church is shifting focus on economic empowerment by supporting members financially to establish small-scale businesses.

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